Reviews for "Artist's guide to the Gun"


Pretty good review but, And i will get on you for this cus im a 1911 maniac, Theres no 1911 in MW2. other than that Dead on. And one other thing, you forgot to cover the smoke from the barrel.

StealthBeast responds:

Yes, this has been pointed out to be before. I'm not a MW2 player, and I made a rash assumption.

Smoke from the barrel? Modern weapons produce negligable amounts of smoke. Even the dirtiest, automatic AK47 firing the crappiest, dirtiest .308 wolf ammo at full auto isn't going to produce that much smoke at all. As an artist I've tried simulating the verrrry small amount of smoke/debris you get with modern sulfur-free gunpowder, but all it leads to is a waste of time and a lot of lag.


I knew what you were talking about, due to my obsession with modernwarfare 2.

StealthBeast responds:

I designed this to be as comprehensible to the common NGer as much as possible, and common NGers are frequent gamers, so hopefully using MW as an example really hit the nail on the head.

If you can filter the bullshit from the wheat, games like modern warfare 2 can actually teach you quite a lot about how guns reload.

Glad you liked it.


That was really helpful. Although I'm not sure you should be tracing isn't that art theft?
or is it different for drawing guns, anyways aside from that it's to the point and helpful even though I never draw guns

StealthBeast responds:

I've never heard of a single case of gun-tracing turning into a lawsuit. You gotta figure, there's tons of ads, shows, and other works that use rotoscoping... Sometimes these rotoscopes feature guns. THEY never get lawsuits, so I doubt us, the common artist, will.

If anything, it's free-advertising for the gun manufacturer. Look at the Desert Eagle. Totally impractical, very little advertisement on their end, but REALLY popular.

My god

These make my gun drawings look like water guns ! XD

StealthBeast responds:


I could've said that at one point. Hope you learned something from this then.

nice tut!

very excellent tutorial! i wish i had seen this before i tried to make a gun. it would have looked much better and more realistic. you should make a followup tutorial about drawing guns with more complicated features. for example a belt fed machine gun on a tripod or how a top break revolver loads or some such thing. that would be awesome. even just a timelapse of you doing one would be sweet.

StealthBeast responds:

I did create a timelaps of me doing one. It was under "How to make the gun"

Go to Lesson Selector, then "Tracing demonstration".

As for things like Machine Guns and break-top revolvers? Not a bad idea. Who knows, maybe I'll make another.