Reviews for "Artist's guide to the Gun"

No nonsense indeed

Straightforward, to the point, and knowledgeable.

And bringing the Longdeagle back in the Recoil demonstration made me lol.

Mostly common sense stuff I already knew, but faved for quick reference anyway


StealthBeast responds:

Glad you found it knowledgable, hope you refer to it in the future.



honestly, no. this is not an artist's guide. if anybody would want to learn how to properly draw them, go on google images or go to some museum and look at the detail.

here all im seeing is showing the gun, but no demonstration on how to draw it. if you would do that then i would give a better review.

StealthBeast responds:


I most certainly did explain how to draw them, AND I gave a full-fledged demonstration... AND I set up a SEPERATE demonstration so that you could watch as I created the gun step by step by step, and forward or backward. What more could you possibly want?

This is art, not rocket science. My explanation gave the bare-essential tools an entry-level artist needs to start creating these guns without making some of the most common, frusterating errors newbie artists make. It's a head start; a first step; a cornerstone... There's no magic words that I can spew to make you instantly understand everything about guns and how to make them. It's impossible. That's not how tutorials work.

Once you watch this animation, tinker around a bit. Your skill isn't supposed to just stop until the next great tutorial comes out and teaches you something new... Going onto Google images and looking at the detail is EXACTLY what you're supposed to do. There's no tutorial in the world that can possibly replace that, but BEFORE you go out and do that, it helps to have a simple base; a foundation with which to build off of... THAT'S what this animation was designed to do, and judging by everyone else's review, it executed that flawlessly.

lolfan88, I can't help you any more than you are willing to help yourself.


you really know muck about guns and you-re right in every single way! 10/10 for the grand master!(for the future......make part two about other weapons such as grenades/rocket launchers or everything you want, I'm sure it's gonna be great!)

StealthBeast responds:

That wouldn't be a bad idea at all actually. Explosives are very fun tools, and are also very difficult to animate.

But to be honest, I don't have any first-hand experience with explosives.. Then again, I could look it up... It's the same essential technology: Expanding gas to create carnage >=).

Consider your review duly noted. Thanks for dropping in.

You get BLAM!

5/10 No nonsense. No BS. I mean it's common sense to me, but yeah sometimes you have to spell things out to people! GJ man!

StealthBeast responds:

That's right. No sense in yelling at ignorance when you're perfectly capable of teaching.

Glad you liked it.

i know nothing about guns...

Or used to! Now I know a little about guns and how to make them :D
Thanx 4 making this!

StealthBeast responds: