Reviews for "Artist's guide to the Gun"

what about...

now i give you props for this dead on guide but you didn't cover some thangs such as: bolt wepons such as the KAR-98 mouser, and what about clip changing?
btw great job.
*note i know vary bad spelling*

StealthBeast responds:

Well, there isn't really much to say. Realistic animation of bolt weapons just needs lots of time put into the raw animation of cycling the bolt. I'd just advise to go onto youtube, type "Mauser 98" into search and watch a few guys fire it.

Magazine changes vary WILDLY from platform to platform. Revolvers require the insertion of each round individually or the use of moon clips or speedloaders, bulpups load the magazine rearward, AK47s require you to roll the magazine in, M1 garands require you feed the clip into the top of the chamber, and AR15 magazines require you to push the magazine straight in...

Its not really plausible for me to address reloads because either A: The gun, oh say an M16, is so easily recognized that it's pretty obvious how it's loaded, or B: The gun, oh say, a P90, is such an oddball at reloading, I can't address it because I can't possibly address every single little firearm's design out there.

At any rate, glad you liked it, as evident by the 10 =)


But tell ya' what. If I get more demand for reloads, I'll add that as a section.


'Pimp it out!'

WTF!? I want that gun.

Seriously, I'm going to start making flash games soon... this will help. A LOT.

StealthBeast responds:

Magnum Research has a factory-finish 24K gold version of their Desert Eagle.
The grips are detachable, hit em with a bit of pink duracoat, and you're set lol.

At any rate, glad this helped.


I dont even create flash or draw guns, but i found this very interesting. Should proof your doin something right ;)

StealthBeast responds:

Aw, you should man. Flash is a FUN piece of software, and guns are some FUN pieces of hardware =P

At any rate, glad you enjoyed the ride!


this is just awsome and very educational in levels of guns flash animations and thanks for without knowing it( of course) include my favorite gun ever: red 9

StealthBeast responds:

"The choice of an avid gun collector! It's a nice gun stranger!"

All fun and games aside, it's very true. The C96 Mauser is a CLASSY gun and it's great to have seen it featured in RE:4. I hope to obtain a real one one day.

Glad you liked it, I hope you learned something from my flash.

Good Job

I was pretty suprised at how informative this was. Tons of information about guns that I didn't know about since i'm not a huge gun fanatic(especially the jam types). I don't think i'll make an animation with guns anytime soon but it's also pretty informative on different ways to make muzzle flashes which a lot of people forget to use. Anyways I see this as being a great little tutorial for people making madness animations since it covers all of the things that you would need to know for those involving guns.

StealthBeast responds:

Good, I hope you utilize this information eventually.

Kind of wish you told me why I got a 9 and not a 10 though, as you had absolutely no complaints about this flash.

But 9 is great anyway. Thanks for the review.