Reviews for "Artist's guide to the Gun"

I'm going to have casing eject automatically from a shotgun in my game... umadbro? :D

(It's a SPAS-12, so it's not all that messed up. So there's no need to slap me through the screen. XD)

Very useful tutorial, dude. *claps* :)

StealthBeast responds:

Well yeah. The SPAS-12 can be semi-auto, but even pumps eject. I doubt a gameplay mechanic in your game consists of forcing the player to manually pump.

I'm glad you found this useful, and good luck tightening those 9mm groups on the range. Your "Testing grounds v0.4b" is looking sexy.

Pretty stupendous

I'd like to ask a question lol
Is your gun in "Let your imagination run wild" on how to make a gun based on the gantz gun?

StealthBeast responds:

I didn't base it off of anything. I have no idea what a "gantsz" gun is. Doesn't surprise me that the concept of twin pistols, one inverted on another, has been done before though.


how can I lower the alpha?

StealthBeast responds:

The image must first be converted into a Symbol.


Man,you continue to impressive.Keep up the good work.

StealthBeast responds:

Glad you liked it.


Thanks, your tutorial helped me out alot! Now, my guns look more detailed

StealthBeast responds:

Good. Hope you make many more =)