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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 11"

Two years is too long

Dude... didn't know how messed up you were till I watched this... The scene with link and his horse, i'm sorry but you crossed a line in my opinion.

Anyway personal feelings aside, you did better with the other ones.

The audio was quite choppy, the animation was... well just below what you usually do with the other ones. and if memory serves, you left out a some humor that you used to be in your other ones... also the other ones contained better music than this one.

In my opinion, two years was too long for you, you changed your style to something that isn't as good and less original than what you had before.

But, you aren't deserving of a sub-par score, which is why i'm generously be giving you a 7

JMartin97 responds:

Hey the Polybius twins are pretty messed up, what can I say. Polybius is all about pushing the limits, Reboot is entering some very dark territory soon, you might want to bail if you don't have what it takes :O

And enough with this "2 years is too long stuff" it's not like I wanted to delay it so long, sorry I do have a life too ya know :P

the story is great so far but the menu audio?

i really like the emotional feel of the series and think it should have gotten more than just the daily feature. If u could comment back on what the menu audio is, i would greatly appreciate it!

JMartin97 responds:

I'll find it and put it in the description :)

It was ok.

What was the audio in the menu? I'd really like to know where that loop is from.

i'll give you a hint

Next time you take two years to make an animation try to make it a decent one. I was gonna give you no stars, but i liked the story so much I thought I would be generous. Great story, HORRIBLE animation.

JMartin97 responds:

It didn't take me two years, just was busy and stuff. It also took a while because I have the next episode already done and it's longer than this one. Sorry you didn't like it :-/


wow...the part where the yellow guy travlled trough time...i really thought hes gonna jump in the way of the bullet...i really didnt expected THIS to happen Oo
but still loving it...poor epona oO dont kill link to fast hehe