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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 11"

the writing of this...

fucking INSANE!!! You could make this into a movie. No really. Animated, live action, a tv show, whatever. I have only seen this episode but, holy shit. I mean HOLY SHIT! I have not seen something this mind fucking since paranoia agent.

JMartin97 responds:

The next one is pretty weird too :D and it's coming very soon.

pretty good

haha harddrive


I wasn't sure how i felt about this episode seeing how it was the first one for me to see. I did find the art style, music, story, and voice acting all flowing and different, different in a good way.

I went back and watch every episode starting with the first one and watched as the story unfolded and your animation grew in many ways. The story jumps around a bit too much but it really pulled me in. Looking forward to the next episodes, keep up the fantastic work! I really like the menu theme music, what song is it?


JMartin97 responds:

I'm still trying to find that song, I think it might not have had an author on the mp3, I'll put it in the description when I find it!

luv it

the entire series is great. Reminds me of earily adult swim stuff.

not good

voice acting is all this had that was worth it . no idea why anyone is giving this a good score , flash animation was ok