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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 11"

this is great!

i found it quite outstanding for an 8-bit series :P if it is possible can u post up the list on music u used!? seems i cant get flash to pause without it jumping fram on me to write down the tunes u used :D

keep up the good work



It feels like I just watched an episode of Dragon ball Z. The plot didn't advance much at all for as long as this was (And for how long I have been waiting for it!)

this is either emo, goth, or both.

it had so much blood, way too much gore, and for the love of gosh this whole video belongs in the emo/goth section! i'm sorry, but this deserves zero stars.

JMartin97 responds:

Just a little cartoon blood, don't be so emo about it.. sheesh.


I really like the style of drawing that you use and the animation is really awesome but dude the part of killing the horse when a little too far.Anyway good job, keep doing it i really want to see the 12 chapter :)

wasn't quite my cup of tea

Gave you a five for the effort and stuff. I don't like the use of the pixel brush. It just seems to kinda of try to mask the low art quality. I woulda liked it better if the pixels were used better and with more effort to make everything look like sprites from a videogame or at least more square instead of just poorly drawn shapes. Anyways i didn't like the art, there was barely any animation, and i wasn't into the story. Maybe work more on drawing and animation techniques to make the next one more interesting to more people? Usually great animations (IMO) look amazing (art and animation) or have really great or funny story lines. Keep up the effort and just work on your drawing and animation abilities. There were just way too many slow camera moments for me, it felt like watching all the filler talking parts of dragonball z when your waiting for something to happen.