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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 11"

good not great. but good nonetheless.

good story and music, poor animation and voice volume. Dialog was good except for the cursing. Occasionally cursing is good for emphasis, but you over used fuck. however, story is the most important part, so 8/10 4/5. look forward to the next one!

i watched the entire series in one night.

all i can say is... your amaizing..... what you need to do is go into actual animation... you would be scary good.

its about time

first got into the series when part ten came out, then watched the entire series and have been waiting for it to pick up again. i didnt expect two years. please have them a little closer. i cna understand a few months (6 or so) but two years is a little while considering part ten was 18 minutes and made in 4 months.


Why do I love it so much @_@

It's about bloody time!

I cheated and watched this about a year ago. From a year till now all that you added was a few voices, touched up graphics, the laughing part, and the end scene. Not that I'm disappointed, I'm just glad you're finally back working on Reboot instead of that silly PS3 game thing.


When the hell is Justin gonna get a voice already!? >=(

JMartin97 responds:

Thanks for sticking around so long :P

I need to pick up the pace when I do these things huh?