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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 11"

not bad

the story was good and the animation was ok


i say, the story is really interesting; actually it's the only think that had me interested. Vocals, art and animation are on the other hand, quite...lacking.
There was no fluent movements and there was no astounding background or perspective. Which is a bit sad considering it could have been so much more in my opinion....

but oh well, i praise you for your hard work ^^

JMartin97 responds:

I'm not the best animator out there... but I love to animate.. some people would just tell me to not bother.. but to them I say... NEIN!

I'm gunna take what you said into account and try to tighten things up next time :)



What shines above EVERYTHING else is not reboots graphics, sound, or even story, but its originality. I have not seen 1-10 but I do get the most of the story. Hell, you even got link in it, and yet 10/10 originality. Plus the scene with his horse was horrifically powerful and made for a good creepy hook into the series... I do admit I am a bit afriad to watch 1-10 now XD

I could go on about other things, but the last point I want to hit is it crazyness. Mostly the computer chat going on off the screen and the load bars and the reboot break dance rave thing.

Also, I agree with Neophyte-Ronin about the music, I think there is plenty of free to use new grounds music here that would work for you. Plus, don't listen to the zero bombers, they have no idea what they are complaining about.

Between it's chaos and story, reminds me of the EFN newgrounds series. Not sure if you have seen it, but alot in comment me think.

Keep up the good work mate.


By far one of the greatest series here on the grounds, only one flaw though, i found the singing in the previous episodes to be a bit repetitive, and caused the "Mood" to get a bit disrupted, although you are subtracting from this i would like you to take this into consideration.
Your newest fan-

It's About Time! Solid, but not Spectacular

This is a long-awaited re-entry to a long-forgotten series... if that makes sense. It's very surreal, like a nightmare in pixels. The voice-overs are inconsistent, however, which detracts from the overall experience. The script could also use some fine-tuning.

Now, while the artwork is crude, it is made of pixels and, in its block-clad crudity, envelops one into a world beyond their own. The facial expressions are what drive the scenes forward; a great deal of affect in their horror and madness. The art style is far beyond the art's technical competence, in other words. The landscapes are okay, but do not immerse the viewer as the characters do.

In terms of storytelling, REBOOT takes liberal cues from the manga scene, so it won't be for everyone. It's long, but I've seen better file sizes for this much content. I'm not sure if optimizing pixels is possible, but try it once or twice and see if that doesn't smoothen things up. I also had a hard time from the start with the processing speed. It was quite choppy without setting it to Low Quality (which doesn't clinically affect the visual effects of sprites or bitmaps in a flash, but smooths just about any animation).

I also noticed you out-sourced your music. By that, I mean you took tracks from sources not related to Newgrounds or, in general, music that is not royalty-free. Before you delve into original content (and you seem sturdy enough to try), consider using the Audio Portal or other such sites. Don't just settle--spend several days perusing many authors' stuff, downloading whatever strikes your fancy, and figure out which tracks make (or break) a given scene.

It's good that you finally rebooted an old cartoon and continued it, so now a few of us will be looking for the next few episodes, particularly when it will end (since it has a feature-length plot to it!). Keep up the good work, and for your next project, consider a different art style for a change of pace.

JMartin97 responds:

Thanks for your comments, I'm going to take a lot into consideration. When someone is respectful and writes like this it really helps.

A lot of this cartoon was animated two years ago, I've gotten a lot better in that time. Hopefully that will be apparent in 12. Episode 12 will be spectacular, I promise!

Thank you!