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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 11"

oddly good

really enjoyed and such plus the msic fit with alot of scenes. i can tell took the time making tem fit side note if u can post a list of the songs im looking for ch 11's song really wanna get but great job none the less


great movie...its been a while since i saw reboot up here but its def great to have it back...reminds me a little of dot.hack series! great work bruh!

BTW...whats the name of the menu music u used...dope!

One of the best ever

Your work is truly good, you have a lot of talent, what really shine is the story, is deep, captivating and disturbing. Screw those that give you low score, they surely don't have taste at all...

FINALLY the next one

I've been waiting for this since the last edition, PLEASE Keep up the good work! Such a fantastic story line, it's so addicting.

Not a fan

Of the art style and lots of blood :(