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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 11"


I feel sorry for the hamster. getting caught up in all this. especially being on yellow when he 'activated himself'.

definately getting alot better.

ive seen this whole series, and your animation and voiceover skills are getting better with every episode. the only reason this isnt a 10 is because after watching them all, i still have no clue wtf is going on as far as plot, but i cant really give any lower on that since youre not done and you might have some trick up your sleeve.

my intrest is piqued though, keep it up man.

Holy Shit...

I never expected that from yellow.. and the hamster thing that got link, interesting... Can't wait for the next part for sure!

JMartin97 responds:

It's coming soon, better be ready :O

thanks for following the series :D

That's cool

Yeah not bad, was that Voicegirl playing that evil bitch?

Volume control please!

I really like the plot (or whatever it is ^_~) but can you pleeeease fix the sound volume? Some parts are so loud I had to turn down my speakers and other parts are completely silent =(

It would also help if the credits weren't epilepsy-inducing. But, really, if it wasn't for the sound (and sometimes lack thereof), this would be a solid 8/10.