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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 11"

yay! :)

i'm so glad this finally came out! ever since i started following this series, i've been eager to find out what happens next.

it is admitted that this is not the smoothest animation, but i really liked it still! i felt like sound and transitions could greatly improved to be smoother, but the unique animation really sets the tone and makes the animation what it is. love the story an dialogue and i can't wait to see what happens in 12!

you have such a talent and imagination - this is really awesome! :) i'll be sad when this is over. :/ and sorry to be a bitch too but it's "alison." :x

JMartin97 responds:

Fixed :D

Thanks for doing such a great job!


Damnit! Now how will Link do everything on the list to get the Biggoron Sword? XD
But seriously, Epona's death was sad...

Pretty cool.

It was a bit random because I didn't watch the others, but I liked it anyway. The graphic are pretty rough, but the amazing voice acting makes up for it. Only thing I didn't like was what you did to poor Epona. :(

Getting back to form.

A few of the previous episodes were dragging plot wise but this one seems to be picking up the pace again (although they're still in that field....Reboot's Namek!) i'm looking forward to some big story turn/s on the horizon (hopefully in the upcoming ep12).
The art/animation is more or less the same level as previous episodes. Most of the time it's fine but sometimes it's jarring such as the horse scene with the polybius twins, weapons and horse all looking kinda wonky and the shooting scene where Render turns his head. One thing im noticing is that the faces are becoming more and more human (they were just blocks not too long ago)...Violet's rapeface this episode being a prime example. The human faces are fine but weird... i miss the blocky faces.
Voice acting still leaves a lot to be desired and i often find myself relieved when a line is said through only text, you should probably just replace voices with sounds or music (like the teacher from Peanuts)...and it would still make sense given the world.

JMartin97 responds:

Reboot 12 will not disappoint, thank you for the critique.

A Lost Comparison?....Really?

Yes. It seams fiting to talk about lost with its finale and all, becasue what Lost was for me wa not really the storyline, but how it was told, and thats what I feel about the Reboot series aswell....
Your episodes may not be brilliant flash comparde to the best, and people may lot like your storyline, but what you do with great skill is create tentsion, suspense, drama ineach and every episode, an that why I love the reboot series. But 2 years man? that was a long wait for me, I might not be watching newgrounds in another 2 years :(, so please dont make all your fans wait that long aain...

JMartin97 responds:

I liked the finale because I felt the same way you do, it's about the experience.

Thanks :)