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Reviews for "LARRY: Doug-Out"

Fucking Doug comes in when I'm pouring a drink or refilling beer. It's impossible to shit with this guy.

It Takes Forever To Slap Doug's Shit, And I Don't Have $1000 To Buy An Upgrade, And He Sips Up Beer Like A Sponge Surrounded By Syringes.

Hard game..... There should be bodyguard hiring like Larry or someone, and a substitute forMcSwenney when he's wacking Doug..

Day 36.. Took me the whole day to beat Doug using Hammer..

Teleporting beer thief with a head made of adamantium, a huge pain in the ass to deal with. Dealing with Doug was fine at first but it gets so escalated that you basically spends most of your time beating him; even with upgraded weapon it takes dozen hits to make him flee, not to mention he depletes your beer too quickly. I suggest nerfing him or adding a feature to hire guards to protect your beer supply.

Great game with awesome quality, but having to constantly fight Doug the town drunk made the game annoying to finish.