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Reviews for "LARRY: Doug-Out"

this game is ridiculous. Doug needs to be majorly nerfed. He moves too fast for the animation of hitting him to be able to keep up once you reach a certain point. I spend a majority of the day fighting him instead of making money. It becomes a losing battle because you have to use the money you manage to earn between his invasions to refill the beer you lose while fighting him. It reached the point where I was losing entire kegs and couldn't even afford to refill them all some days

Good game, great game in fact.

Makes me SO angry though.

Beat Doug to his bloodiest... Seems like I didn't hit hard enough for him to come back *grabs a maul*

I give this game a 4.5 stars. I give this amount because, the sound, gameplay, graphics, and unexpectedly, the AI-system is nice! The dialogue is the funniest part. You deal with 3 problems, the customers, refill and Larry the "town drunk". The only problem is about the lag that happens rarely. But, otherwise, I praise this game gratefully.

The music is great and some mechanics are good and fun. But after a little while the game gets rather repetitive, and Doug is abnormally fast for a "drunken bastard". Also the beer-meter should be a little bit more fair (not talking about the speed), the hitbox is quite unforgiving, landing the hand a little bit under the mark makes the costumers pay nothing at all. And on latter levels landing a little bit over the mark depletes a full keg instantaneously, even if the costumer has brought you a mug to fill (not a bucket or canteen).

3.5/5.0 for fun catchy tune.