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Reviews for "LARRY: Doug-Out"

Good game

Doug didn't seem to understand that he was not welcome in the kegs, but remember everyone, this is mideval days, there were no machine guns or grenades, too bad you can't chase down doug and beat him until he bleeds to death though

Now I'm thirsty!!

Great game Jazza!

It is well animated, the graphics are exquisite, the sound effects are so realistic that I just want to get a cold one. :D The comments are hilarious and add atmosphere! The drunk guy is a nice twist to an already interesting game. I really enjoyed it.

That's game is a perfect time waster!


great one jazza. especially like the "I'm gonna bash you like me customers bash their wives... and their children"



cool and doug had so much blood! BLOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this game is awesome i'll give this a 5/5 and i also like the fact that i bash people (doug) to the death