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Reviews for "LARRY: Doug-Out"

Dont loose any ale to doug past day 5? Even if I am not puring anything and go to the storage as soon as doug apears by the time i get there doug already drank some

this game just piss me off you need to RUN if you like to stop him in time but you can't run

A nice idea but poor execution.

The only way to have a mild fun is to keep only 1 barrel at the storage and preferably use it before doug arrives - he comes twice a day but won't invade the beer shop if there are no barrels, which makes me think that Doug is actually a superhuman being, knowing if there are barrels inside a building, just as he can teleport from barrels and regenerate itself in a few hours after being brutally mauled.

That's how the wiki dictates gameplay and that's the only way to get by.

After I knock out Doug and return I can no longer pour drinks.

Loving what I've played so far. Is there a pause button or anything?