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Reviews for "LARRY: Doug-Out"

Flaws, but nice game.

It's a great game actually, but way too hard that doug guy gets, not playable after a while.


This is one of thous games that you have to play on bigger screan . I love beer: D

Can get more frustrating in the end,

I love the character this game has! The both McSweeny and Doug are funny. However, this game is ridiculous with a lap top. Also, it gets way too difficult to click on Doug. Starts off funny and fun, but ends up more frustrating in the end. Great animations!


Dont get drunk and beat ur wife!!! WTH!!?!?! ITS SO AWSOME!!!!
best part is when u beat doug
wish u could let him drink till he died... or put posion in the ale... or just blow up the whole town... any way 10/10

Did you proof-play this?!

I usually enjoy games like these, I like the graphics, I can smile at the poor Irish accent. But really, if you had played this for more than five minutes you'd probably see for yourself that this just doesn't work. 7 hits on Doug with the maxed weapon - when in most cases, he hides even WHILE my guy jumps over to him? And I have to click his HEAD? There's no point in stocking up on ale because it'll get ruined by ironhead Doug anyway and you'll have to spend half the day kicking him out. Often TWICE.
No, sorry. These games should be hard, but this one is for all the wrong reasons.