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Reviews for "LARRY: Doug-Out"

A funny game!^^

Where's Larry?
Stupid Doug stole his nice beer!

hilarious game

I agree with Augure.

Good gfx, sounds, humor, concept.

But in later levels it's absolutely no-fun!

Even with better weapons you need to hit Doug too many times, he moves too fast, drinks half of your keg in one gulp and starts to drink so quickly too! Basically if you're in the middle of serving a customer he WILL drink one of your kegs to the bottom...

Pouring in later levels is also a 'fuck off'. If you go below 'perfect pour' you get no money or close to it. If you go over you loose like HALF of keg but get full cash... It wouldn't be so bad if the meter would be moving a bit slower, but it moves with such speed that it's almost impossible to serve a lot of customers without loosing ale/cash...

Basically, it's better to have one full keg at the bar and one in the back and serve only few customers a day and loose less ale due to Doug...

I like when game challenges my skills but you've gone too far in here.

cool and doug had so much blood! BLOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this game is awesome i'll give this a 5/5 and i also like the fact that i bash people (doug) to the death