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Reviews for "LARRY: Doug-Out"

i dont know

i am giving you a ten because im not sure is it is good or not i am to sleepy to know

Cool game

It's got a few annoyances but the overall game is pretty good.
Once you get the hang of it it's very easy, actually. It gets boring after you get all the upgrades, though.
Doug is an annoying piece of ^@@#&.

I don't know how you did the character creation for this game. I don't know if it's supposed to be humorous. A part of it is, but a part of it is very morbid.
Just imagine. this half-naked retard running laughing into your bar every day, knowing he will get the shit kicked out of him yet again. And still he persists. Diving from one barrel to the other, while what is left of his brains gets smashed into pulp by a leprachaun with a big construction hammer. That takes dedication.
So maybe there is a moral to this..

..alcohol addiction is some serious shit.

Round One: Get the hell out!

Go find another game ya'all or get bored. Find anther game to play!

pretty good but lacks.....

The graphics are awesome, the music aswell but honestly i wish doug would go away faster based on the fact that you level up your weapon. the customers should atleast pay you even if ur less than the medium line...... i mean come one.. i gave a guy a smudge under the mid and he gave me 0$ plus it drained half my keg... are you serious??!!......
All that aside. game was good,, doug got annoying to an extream extent..... and please!! make McSweeny move faster when doug is in.. also i hit doug and the same time i hit him he took some ale.. i dont know if anyone else has had the issue... weel keep up the great work.

1 round, Thats all folks

I say like Gjon3 did, this game is so boring. I got trough the first day whitout falling asleap. I deserve a medal for that! If you did then you deserve one too. haters are welcome