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Reviews for "LARRY: Doug-Out"


Nice mechanics and it was addicting to boot. Again, can't wait for Larry 2.

great game

I thought it was fantastic and a good time filler, however my only issue was that I just ran out of money to fill the kegs, so I had to start over.


Graphics and Sound exceptional as expected.
Game concept ok.

The downer is the frustrating aspects of the game, especially the responsiveness of McSweeny up there with 97yr olds with walkers. Registration of Doug's 'hit region' is poor. Often a very well timed click that's considered a hit will take too long and still result in a miss. Most commonly what should be a registered hit leads to a zero response.

A bug where sometimes a customer presenting their vessel leads to no activity for pouring - there's enough beer in the barrel, it just doesn't allow you to pour. This just adds to the suck when you're beating Doug to a bloodied pulp twice a day.

Game tactics such as being able to move your barrels closer together for defense or pouring one into another instead of multiple partials, would add a little more depth to the game play.

Fixing the bug and improving hit registration would lead to giving this a far better rating. I might try it at a lower graphics level and see if that helps, but I hope such a simple game isn't choking for memory.


Great Game...nice Idea xD
Control is quite easy since you only need your mouse.
After some days it gets really hard to keep these guy out of the barrels.


Wow. So you've created your own universe. Maybe it would be better to give it a name defferent from Larry? :)