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Reviews for "Worm Land"

hmmm wait a sec

this game is kinda a lame rip off of Death Worm
and death worm is better than this, but this is still ok
it would have been nice if the planet was more bigger...

Has potential

It has potential but need improvement. First of all, I saw no problems with controls. I used the mouse and it was perfectly fine for me. I see no reason to complain that you can't turn sharply because, uh...hello, IT'S A GIANT WORM!!! But I wish there was another way to attack. I would jump up and kill 1 or 2 soldiers but during that jump another 5 or 6 soldiers would shoot the hell out of me, causing the worm to shrivel up and die underground. Not great, but could be.

A little clumsy

I think this game could've been a lot better, the planet is way to small to properly utilize the worms crawling through the planet to get health when you actually need it. Also, the difficulty curve was extremely sharp, it quickly went from kind of fun to very tedious.


Good game, good idea but you should let us upgrade when we fail the lvl.

Pico bar rating:

Controls(I know it's only the mouse) = 2
Idea = 3
Difficulty = 1 (That means it's too hard ;) )

It is cool just hard.