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Reviews for "Worm Land"


this is awesome! a really innovative game i like it ;)

Fun game, wonder why all the complaints

How are people complaining that this is too hard? I'm on Day 18, and I've only had to replay a few levels. This game is a lot of fun, the controls are a bit hard to get used to at first, but once you get the hang of them (use the mouse) it's cake. Well, until the green orb shooting ships and robo-worms start attacking. Either way, I'm highly enjoying it.

To those having a problem, I suggest

#1 - Using the mouse, if you're not already.
#2 - Jack up your health first, forget about speed and everything else, health is most important, next damage, and speed last.
#3 - Don't neglect the powerups. You can just circle inside the planet without worrying about being attacked (at least on the lower levels), and wait for powerups to spawn. Try not to eat the little health worms until you need them.

Good luck!

Just Perfect

This game is quite entertaining, but not very replayable. The powerups are common enought o be useful, but also random enough to not be game breaking. I look forward to a sequel.

And to anyone who is saying it is too hard; try not sucking so much.

you scuck!!!!

this is a very good game bro!!!

so good

it is an excellent and addictive game, and I played the 21 levels.
I have only one complaint: you could have said that the big worm expired hitting the red, I've been doing ten minutes going through the lava until inspiration came to me.