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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Dont like it

Too easy to eat your own worms when full on health kills this game, day 4 last i reached til i lost intrest due to flaws in design.


i mean...this isnt the worst game ive ever played....but not even past half the most decent..this game could use alot of fix ups..like maybe more upgrades as in maybe u can lay little larvae and have em fight along with you or another alien that keeps control above the planet crust.. =]


very dissapointing

at first it seemed like a good game but after the first level and only being able to upgrade one thing kinda sucks. i got to day 3 and couldnt beat it, tried to go back to an easier level and then not being able to upgrade just killed the game, to sum it all up, it sucks


This game just brought pain. i normally do not put a bad score on anything but this time i have to. The difficulty jumps are to long and hard to overcome without knowing what is around the other corner. So pretty much you have to know about the massive units later in the game in order to plan your stat builds. I have tried a couple of times now, and have finaly given up just for the fact that it is no longer a quest to have fun, as it is a quest to spite it. I am sorry man, good try, ok concept but listen to the guys below, they have told you all of he biggest problems with it. if you release anther one of these type games. PLEASE improve it dont just use the same engine and slap some new pretty graphics to it.


it got boring :|