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Reviews for "Worm Land"


i agree with every1 who post a 1 so far for the ratings, and they have perfectly good reasons to post such negative reviews, i like the enimies, the creativity of the game, how it is original, but truly... you made this game for too hard, too fast. I am stuck on level 4 i think and so far even for me it is impossible, it is tedious to control the worm, you cant control how far the worm jumps into the air, the enemies do far too much damage that every 10 jumps you are basicly dead. Most of the time i can barely stop myself from knocking into a core, or ram into a power-up i was saving. They ARE right, and the only reason that people keep rating them as "abusive" is because almost everyone on newgroudns.com is a dumbass, thinking that just because there is a negative review, means that they "have" to rate the review as abusive! Stop doing that, so far every1 is right, its just that some people think more of a positive side, and besides, artists NEED critics and negative reviews, it makes them work harder on what they need the most and it helps them out alot, so please stop rating the reviews as abusive or useless, please think about the WHOLE game. So this game just needs work on the gameplay is all, not bad but gameplay ruins most of the game, good try though.

This would be a TON better if it wasnt so hard!

All you gotsta do is change the mouse movement!

Not bad

But why make it so f*#king annoyingly hard

Needs Improvement

At least be able to readjust stats. Boss on the 21 day kept staying on top of me regardless of how I moved. I also notice the rock armor was not showing up. The controls need a little work on, especially if the user is using a labtop. It gets crazy fighting a spamming boss while waiting to attack those dig machines. Plus the molten core is a good idea, but at times it becomes more a problem than a helping hand. Especially if you have those iron worms on you and so close.

Frankly the game has tons of potential. A bit crazy after the 18 day. Though maybe have the keyboard function? If there is one, then I can not find it. Still good concept and reminds me of the shark on a mountain game. I'm pretty sure if a few fixes you'll saving yourself a lot of headache from users who are getting the 'iron worm' spaz anger.

Hope this was helpful to you!

Has potential

It has potential but need improvement. First of all, I saw no problems with controls. I used the mouse and it was perfectly fine for me. I see no reason to complain that you can't turn sharply because, uh...hello, IT'S A GIANT WORM!!! But I wish there was another way to attack. I would jump up and kill 1 or 2 soldiers but during that jump another 5 or 6 soldiers would shoot the hell out of me, causing the worm to shrivel up and die underground. Not great, but could be.