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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Good game concept

I love the concept, the controls are fairly clean, but the game fails at a couple points. You can't reset your upgrades or upgrade your worm by replaying levels. This means if you made bade choices on what to upgrade early on you're screwed. Additionally most games like this allow you to gain XP of some kind by replaying levels. There is no real reason to replay a level in this. As I said the concept is great. Controls good. Graphics and music are all good. The upgrade system makes the game unplayable.

It's a Good Try

It was a good attempt at a game, but the execution was terrible. I liked the concept a lot, the graphics were good, and the gameplay was all right for a while, but that doesn't make up for the game's shortcomings. First, you get hurt WAY too easily. When you're above the surface you have literally no defense against getting shot 20 times before you get back into the planet. Second, even if you line up the mouth exactly to a soldier, most of the time you won't eat him, you'll just hit him. That means he'll land on the surface and start shooting you before you get back in. And to add on that, even if you DO manage to eat a soldier, the health you regain is HARDLY worth all the trouble. Third, once you get to Day 3, there are too many enemies to handle, resulting in a quick and frustrating death almost every time. Finally, what is up with the upgrade system? I had over 1,000 Star Point things saved up and then when I spent only EIGHT of them on an upgrade, ALL of them went away.

Have to agree with Ducka's review

Game was alright until we had to deal with the core, and it did way too much damage.

Controlar al gusano con el ratón esta entre lo molesto y lo dificil


This game is a bad flash copy of the free game called "Death Worm". The moving place is too small.