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Reviews for "Worm Land"

great concept, but unbalanced

You are definitely onto something here. I really enjoyed the game, but I did find it pretty unbalanced. I have several suggestions and I think you could make a dynamite sequel.

1. Increase the size of the planet, giving more room to maneuver and explore
2. Have the mini worm powerups spawn every few seconds or so, instead of all at the beginning. Kindof a waste to get healies when you are already full from the start.
3. Have more types of powerups
4. Have a more configurable worm (length, appendages perhaps)
5. Seriously consider lowering the power of the enemies around level 5, they are simply too strong, considering there is no way to damage them without getting damaged.

I think you have the makings of an excellent game with a totally new concept. Any new idea is going to need tweaking. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing a playable sequel or some updates on this one that fix these issues.

Not that hard at all

This game was good time killer,and not that hard at all as you might think from all the negative reviews this got. It might be because that people probably didn't notice the upgradeing after every level, i noticed if after i beat level 3. The music is ok, and the enemies were ok, but i have to agree with most, as they are a bit too hard to kill, even with fully upgraded damage. Overall, this games was OK, maybe a bit repetitive, but i spent over an hour playing this in a row, and that's pretty well done for an flash game.

Sorry not a fan

looks promising but I found myself getting ether angry or bored
The graphics are good and the controls are relatively flawless, but the gameplay was exedingly slow andit was very easy to slowly die.
also the upgrades were smallish.


Well the principle of the game is nice, but in my opinion the control is a "bit" inaccurate

Needlessly hard.

The armored soldiers are way too hard. The difficulty curve is steep as shit.
There should really be a way to exchange upgrades, or even start over.

All that aside, this was a really fun game.