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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Awesome game

I liked it better when it was on the Gamemaker website, and it was called Death worm.


But i hate this game alot. You need to improve alot of things. For 1. is the core in the middle of the planet just there to piss people off? and the only way you kill robots is by being on fire. and if there isn't any of those weird fire circles left you need to go through the core. and going through the core kills you most of the time. and the planet is a bit small. atleast make the planet a little bit bigger in futre projects related to this.
atleast you got decent graphics. so ill give you a 1. for the art work. but rest is a piece of crap. AI, enemys, air time when you get out of the planet, controls, repetative levels, if you fix these things, ill give a better score next time.

horrible controls, unfair difficulty (still)

This game could have been pretty cool with porper controls. But like this it's virtually unplayeable. Stupid worm wont stop moveing and eats up all the powerups before they are needed. It moves in a constant speed wich is sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow but never good but there is no way to slow or boost it. And becouse it can't even make sharp turns controllability becomes even worse. Aiming is very hard, the damage done is very low (even after upgraded) and when jumping into the air the worm gets very slow and not controllable at all, leaving a lot of opportunity for the enemies to fire!
And as if the awful manouverability and the though enemies werent enough you even put natural hazards in the planets wich are hard to avoid and make huge damage!

Ps.: The game won't be better if you delete my review, and it's not abusive just becouse you don't agree with it!

it sucks ass

bad game wont let me clear data so i cant upgrade the bot are too hard

Too hard

The final boss has just driven me insane. Learn how to make a proper difficulty curve. Levels 1 to 20 are easy. 21 is impossible.