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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Deathworm killed it

This would be very very fun if I hadn't played Deathworm first, but Worm Land just doesn't match up. The graphics and power ups are nice, but the ground is so small and the worm is so hard to steer. It's like I'm having more of a fight with the worm than with the Empire.

not that good

sorry but this game is way to hard and needs more new stuff like laser shooting worm like more creativity or cool stuff sory bou that

Good game concept

I love the concept, the controls are fairly clean, but the game fails at a couple points. You can't reset your upgrades or upgrade your worm by replaying levels. This means if you made bade choices on what to upgrade early on you're screwed. Additionally most games like this allow you to gain XP of some kind by replaying levels. There is no real reason to replay a level in this. As I said the concept is great. Controls good. Graphics and music are all good. The upgrade system makes the game unplayable.


Spelling mistakes were embarrassing. Constantly being shot is annoying. Using up health when I was fully healed was annoying. Nothing in the game tries to make any sense. You get burnt by the core when you're 10-20 pixels away from it. I quit when robo worm was touching the core and not burning, and I was not touching the core and burning.

Kinda good mechanics.


Just dont play this, its nearly impossible altough i give it 4 stars for concept