Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

Not quite as good as the original.

I still love your style of gameplay and I for one don't think its a rip off of geometry wars. Having said that, I found this game to kind of lack the apeal that the first one had. I generally like gmaes that show you the same content for a while, but man I fealt like I wasn't getting anywhere with the content.

If it were my game i might throw in a few twists and surprises once in a while. Thank you for the new game nonetheless. =Þ Nice.

JGOware responds:

Thanks for checking the game out. Check out the video link at the top and you can see there is plenty of content. ;)

Great.... but not origional

I have to say it is a great game. Although just from the picture i could tell it was pretty much a Geometry Wars rip off. Tha being said i liked the new elements and upgrade system so it made i fun to play.


JGOware responds:

Yo..thanks for the comments. Nah..it's not a rip of GW, how could it be? Actually if you research my games this is a sequel of a sequel to game I coded a few years back called "Retroblast". RetroBlast->RetroShoot->RetroShoot360 -> ?

Good game

To all you who are saying this is a ripoff, have you ever played Geometry wars at all?!?! This is nothing like it! Plus, saying this is a ripoff is like saying every platformer made is a ripoff of Mario! Anyways, onto the game... Is there really only 4 weapon levels? I think there should be more. Also, when things start getting hectic, you cant see projectiles, and that gets really annoying. I think you should be able to shoot projectiles down, or at least have them die when inside a bomb blast. Other than that, I say it's a pretty solid game.

Meh, nice but i didnt like it.

Not really original, and nothing really new in that game, even if its well done and works well. No a trace of lag to be found too.

There is fun to be had..

.. but it require to play perfectly at all times; if you are hit you lose a power level (and a HP), hit one or two extra time you die.. and get to try to beat the same wave level again with a weak basic gun.. and one extra bomb.
At this point, grinding away the HP of a boss is too long, boring and not fun at all..

Too much screen noise (explosions and stuff everywhere, even when i remove what i can) the game is hard to "read" and its confusing. The graphics and effect may be nice and pretty, but right now, imho, there is a bit too much.

We have many guns.. but only one or two are really usefull, the rest is redundant and uninteresting. Maybe make some of them have different "bullet behavior".

Bad controls

Very good, great graphics, bug-free, clearly inspired by geometry wars and it would be the best flash remake of this game if only the controls were different. Take the same as geometry wars, move with arrow keys or wasd and aim with mouse. Would be much better that way.