Reviews for "RetroShoot360"


got killed by fish. awesome game, the controls are a little annoying with the mouse being how you control.

Loved it

This game is great :), I hope this gets frontpage

Awesome :D

Amazing game. The controls were nice and smooth and the music and sound effects fitted really well. This should get a daily feature. :D
Also could you please tell me how you created the particle effects when you killed an ememy? they looked awesome.


cool off zeno, this is a rip off of his first retroshooter.
geometry wars came out a couple months after retroshooter.
don't be an ass man.
now, as for the game:
annoyingly complicated, but still fun. i liked it. onlty managed up to wave 9 though

Geometry Wars?

You've got to be kidding me!
Sure, this game looks a lot like Geometry Wars, but that is far from what it is.
This is no copy, thi is the real thing.
This game kicks ass.

JGOware responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate the comments. ;)