Reviews for "RetroShoot360"


seriously hyrdo u need to relax..the game is good although i do agree that u shouldnt become completely powered down because u got struck...but dude give em some credit..even if it is bit off of geo-wars i mean..can u make a game better ? if u can launch it over to me..lets see if u can do better..if you didnt know making a game isnt easy...so stop bitching and leave ur unsupporting comment somewhere else...

as for RetroShoot360 the game is good..just throw in an upgrade screen or give the ship a health bar ..the game isnt hard...its just the dieing after 1 hit thing is a little annoying..so good shit keep up the hard work


A classic gone the 'wrong' way

First off let me start by defining a part of a good game (for me at least). A 'good' game is a game in which you are able to lose lives, gain lives, but you must be able to win the game without dying.

This game however, I found myself dying on purpose because it was the only way I could get bombs to beat the waves. Everytime you get hit you lose your weapon upgrades and thereby almost always the ability to survive a wave. The green blob bosses of wave 12 I could only beat by setting off 3 bombs in close perimiter because my shots didn't do enough damage. The wave after that I didn't have any weapon upgrades and my bombs were almost all gone, so there was almost no chance I could beat the following waves either (at which point I let myself die again to get bombs to beat yet one other wave). At wave 15 this got too repetitive and boring so I quit (to write a review which I don't doo too often, so I hope it's useful to you!).

I like the retro style and the colorful effects. The different weapon types are a nice twist as well. I enjoy the soundeffects and the music as well so for the visual and sound I have 'bad' things to say.

One last point of criticism is the fact that you made the controls so that the ship follows the mouse. In some games this is a good way to control your movement. However, in this game, I didn't think it was such a good way. Since your weapons do almost no damage on a low level you should be able to hit your enemies a lot of times. But with the current mouse controls you can't because you are constantly facing away from your enemies because you have to dodge them (especially at wave 12 this is just a bitch).

I liked the previous versions of retroshooter but I feel that it has gone downhill with this version. I read that you are going to push some updates through and I have a few suggestions.

- Try to change the controls a bit, moving with the arrows or WASD and aiming with the mouse would be an option I think.
- Try to find a way so that you don't have to die on purpose to beat yet another wave. One way, maybe, is to get a default weapon upgrade every 10 waves or so. This way your weapon stays with the difficulty of the enemies (which get more difficult the heigher wave you are in I guess?).

I hope you're able to pull it off! Because you, as well as this game, have style ;o) I hope this review can be of use to you.

Cheers, and keep up the good work!

P.S.: I am not a native American/Englishman so my grammar might be a bit off at some points ;)

JGOware responds:

Thank you for taking the time to add your comments. I can defeat the green bubbles (boss wave) everytime without using a bomb. :) And judging by all the high scores now, quite a few people are able to get to the higher levels now in one game span. The idea of "dying so you can restart with bombs" doesn't really do you any good since the goal of the game is high scores, and you restart with a score of 0.

Like I've said before, I think the game just needs an easy mode added so casual peeps can have more fun playing the game. Lesson learned, and this will be added in the first update. :)

Thanks again for your comments. :)

p.s. "but you must be able to win the game without dying"

This is indeed possible. ;) Save your bombs. :)

Re-think your design choices

First off: A good game. Not a great game, not a bad game, but good. It was okay.

The control thing may want to be re-thought, moving where you are shooting may be new and under used, that doesn't make it good though.

If you do want to use the shoot-where-you-move mechanic, make the rest of the game fit it. Don't have enemies that home in on you, you'll wind up penning in the player. Always leave a way out. Powerups may want to appear more often.

That aside though, nicely done. Looked good, sounded good.

pretty fun.

liked it, but there is room for improvement. like others have said, the "moving where you are shooting" pins you down, and power-ups are too few and far between. it might just be me, but i felt like cursor, or ship or w/e, sped up and slowed down at awkward times. sure, it could be helpful, but i often found i wasnt going fast enough to get out of a pinned position.

i liked the art, the variety of enemies (aside from wave 12...wtf? i found no strategy to win that wave), and the music worked well with the premise. lets just tone down on the difficulty in areas where the weapons make you feel like you're just throwing dead leaves at your foes.

Kinda a ripoff

it kinda copied off geometry wars, but it was ok