Reviews for "RetroShoot360"


Really good

Meh, nice but i didnt like it.

Not really original, and nothing really new in that game, even if its well done and works well. No a trace of lag to be found too.

There is fun to be had..

.. but it require to play perfectly at all times; if you are hit you lose a power level (and a HP), hit one or two extra time you die.. and get to try to beat the same wave level again with a weak basic gun.. and one extra bomb.
At this point, grinding away the HP of a boss is too long, boring and not fun at all..

Too much screen noise (explosions and stuff everywhere, even when i remove what i can) the game is hard to "read" and its confusing. The graphics and effect may be nice and pretty, but right now, imho, there is a bit too much.

We have many guns.. but only one or two are really usefull, the rest is redundant and uninteresting. Maybe make some of them have different "bullet behavior".

Not that good

I say this because the controls are awkward, as SupremeManaDragon said, "Perhaps making movement keyboard controlled and aiming mouse controlled."

Bad controls

Very good, great graphics, bug-free, clearly inspired by geometry wars and it would be the best flash remake of this game if only the controls were different. Take the same as geometry wars, move with arrow keys or wasd and aim with mouse. Would be much better that way.

Kinda a ripoff

it kinda copied off geometry wars, but it was ok