Reviews for "RetroShoot360"


Really good

Awesome graphics. Needs some work though.

It's a good try but you're probably getting a lot of low scores because of the difficulty.

I thought the different enemies were pretty inspired. They're similar yet different enough to make you change your strategy almost every level.

Here's the problem: It's too damn hard. I stopped playing after the green bubbles. It's not worth my time and frustration to slowly whittle down their health. I don't mean that in a mean way. I'm speaking as part of a large demographic of casual gamers who want to have fun too. If you don't include variable difficulty you're killing your appeal.

Here's what I'd do if I were you. Take a page from Death vs. Monstars' upgrade system. If I can't beat a level. Let me grind a little bit until I can buy power-ups that let me beat future levels.

JGOware responds:

Hello, thank you for the comments. Yah....it looks like the difficulty curve is a bit too high for the masses, but still....the shooter fans are starting to find the game, and the game scores are starting to average alot higher. I will 100% update the game in a few weeks, taking everyone's suggesting in, etc. The green bubbles is a boss wave and is meant to be a problem. Certain waves will 100% need bombs if you don't want to lose any weapon power ups. ;)

level 10

Level 10, impossible.
When you die you don't restore bombs, so you might as well refresh the page. And you can only really hurt your enemy if you use the yellow laser, and if you use the yellow laser you go towards your enemy and die! And when you die all your upgrades except new weapons disappear so your left with nothing to defeat a harder enemy, making it impossible. THIS IS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE


You DO realize he IS the maker of the original right?
Anyway, it is decent, but can get tricky. Perhaps making movement keyboard controlled and aiming mouse controlled?

Nice game, bad controls

This game is great and a nice tribute to geometry wars. not a rip off, but a tribute. Some people fail to realize that not all games are rip offs (points to moron below)

The only big problem in this game is the controls. I like having the mouse aim, and I atually prefer that, but holding the mouse to use the bombs makes for a few accidental bombings. On top of that, the weapons need hotkeys. I hate having to go through all the weapons to get to the one that's most suited for a certain enemy.
While the game is good, the controls really let it down.
Sorry, but I have to give this a 7because of the controls.