Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

Great work !!

VERY addicting game !!!


Incredible game, superb effects, cool music - probably the best arena shooter out there.


ok author when i saw this i was expecting the old retroshoot style caught me a bit offgaurd but it still has kick butt crap but if you make another one, can you go back to the old style?but i still give this 10/10 and 5/5

JGOware responds:

Thanks, mucho appreciato. ;)


It must piss you off seeing how the previous one had a great score and this one's being bashed.

JGOware responds:

ha..not really to be honest. I've had a ton of email from peeps who love the game. The only thing I've learned is to keep the casual players in mind next time. The comparison to GW is strange though, there's another game on NG that is a near exact clone of GW and no one based that at all. Oh well..... thanks for the rating. ;)


Why do you people keep saying that this game is shit? ITS AWESOME!