Reviews for "RetroShoot360"


seriously hyrdo u need to relax..the game is good although i do agree that u shouldnt become completely powered down because u got struck...but dude give em some credit..even if it is bit off of geo-wars i mean..can u make a game better ? if u can launch it over to me..lets see if u can do better..if you didnt know making a game isnt easy...so stop bitching and leave ur unsupporting comment somewhere else...

as for RetroShoot360 the game is good..just throw in an upgrade screen or give the ship a health bar ..the game isnt hard...its just the dieing after 1 hit thing is a little annoying..so good shit keep up the hard work


Re-think your design choices

First off: A good game. Not a great game, not a bad game, but good. It was okay.

The control thing may want to be re-thought, moving where you are shooting may be new and under used, that doesn't make it good though.

If you do want to use the shoot-where-you-move mechanic, make the rest of the game fit it. Don't have enemies that home in on you, you'll wind up penning in the player. Always leave a way out. Powerups may want to appear more often.

That aside though, nicely done. Looked good, sounded good.


i have to give this a lower rating because its lagging in controls as many people have already said, and i appreciate the toughness but with the controls its kind of like trying to get a guy with no legs to race up a tower- its already tough by itself but why did you have to take his legs away?


The first one was good because it was a scrolling shooter. This sandbox style is way too familiar and done to perfection by other games already. You put your game now into too big league and it falls short. I wish you go back to the scrolling shooter style because there you rank good, but this style you rank ~average at best.

Unfair penalties.

I'm at a late stage of the game where the enemies are hard to kill even with the weapons maxed out. so when I die and start over with the worst possible weapon, It's game over. get rid of rolling back your weapon levels on death. else you might as well just have one life.