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Reviews for "Submachine 6: the edge"

I think I found a bug...

After getting the connection pod, I went back towards the beginning where the broken down teleporter thing is. after using the pod on the machine, it wouldnt let me back out... I'm not sure what all was going on with it, but I thought I would let ya know about it. Keep up the exelent work man! love the games!

More than worth the wait

This had everything. Ingenuous puzzles, moving ambient tracks, plot twists and excellent architectural design. There were parts that made you feel like an isolated adventurer and parts that made you feel like a connected cyberpunk. Again, skutnik reigns the undisputed champion of point and click puzzle games. With this cliffhanger ending, The Core shows excellent promise.

very good game

very good game, but i still cant acces to secret 3
i put 1´s all around de center cero but nothing happens
i still cant pass trough the tunel

Waiting for the Core

Unique atmosphere of submachine, but unfortunatly too shot. The Submachine Lighthouse and The Lab have better duration.
Thank you so much!!!

secret locations

cant believe nobody wrote on here the secret locations, guess ill have to do it.

1.in the room with two wheels, have both of them point down,exit, down,continue, bottom left,left,left, down(you may notice that this room is upside down version of what it was).

2.in the egyption room, turn the wheel so that the room on the right is old, then go all the way back out to the ledge(make sure to change the position in the two wheel room, otherwise you cant get out), take a left, and then yes, its now possible to make another left to the secret place. learn who thoth is.

3. on the screen in the room where you get the cube, place 1's all around the center zero, then take the elevater down, go left past the one you came up from into the next pipe to the secret room.

4. with the newly aquired connection pod, head towards the ledge exit (without secret room one getting in the way) and head back till you find an old rusted version on the relocater that you use at the end of the game, put the pod in and enter, you dont go anywhere but its a secrete place.

5. deactivate protocol 54-4, go back to the first pod entry(other than secret room 4) and you'll see a new path down which is the last secret room.

hope my directions were clear enough.