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Reviews for "Submachine 6: the edge"

not bad

i really like submachine and i wonder how many r there going to be
great job on this one
sincerly me (lol)


It's perfect except it's too short.

Nice one, but hardly best of the series.

No, this game didn't add much more than The Loop to the series I'm afraid.
Artwork is better than ever, the sfx is great and navigation is very fast and smooth.
However, this game was fairly short and not challenging at all. In fact the largest problem I had was finding out that I had to leave my things before moving past the red light in the very beginning of the game. I don't miss the eternal search for pixel-small items onscreen, but I do miss puzzles that needed actual solving to be solved and I believe that all puzzles in The Edge can be solved simply by random clicking. Most puzzles just need a single button pressed or as was the case of deactivating the electric fence pressing three buttons once and it's done.
Also, the ending sucked. But it was still entertaining while it lasted so I'll be kind and give this one a 7 for the beautiful egyptian artwork, but if this hadn't had the Submachine title I might not had been so kind.

This part of the Submachine series...

is my favorite, right next to Part 4: The Lab.

S6 really gives the viewer a three dimensional look into just how vast and highly advanced the submachines are, and the sophistication of the technology that it contains. Somehow, the civilization who built this has managed to warp the very fabric of spacetime, creating time portals and time dilation devices.

What has happened to this civilization? Perhaps they were destroyed by their own creations. Just like the Krell, (from Forbidden Planets). Their technology was so advanced that they were able to manipulate the mind and make illusion into reality. Unfortunately, the machinery also corporealized the Krells' darkest inner instincts. When the crew of the United Planets space cruiser C-57D landed on Altair V, they came face to face with the same id-monster that destroyed the Krell. Perhaps that is what also happened to the previous explorers of the submachines, whose only evidence of their existence were the notes they left on it's walls.


I love the Submachine games :D I waited forever for & to get out and now I played it and I wasn't disapointed :D