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Reviews for "Submachine 6: the edge"

great game

i always loved the submachine games. puzzles were somewat difficult for me but the music went so well with the story line. this game was awsome.

Fun time

This series has been very entertaining to me. I like how even though we have seen 6 episodes of this we still have very little idea of what is going on. I have also noticed a distinct change in the game as time goes on. While earlier games were longer (at least i think they were) these latest installations have been shorter but I feel like the puzzles are a little bit more intuitive. In the first games, I felt like I was randomly doing things until I found the right combination, but this one specifically was much easier to see the progression of puzzles. Great Job!

Zero for creativity

If i made a game with a Chevy nova that used a flux module to travel through time when it hits 77 miles an hour and then called it "Time Car Express" i wouldn't be surprised when i got dozens of hateful reviews telling me how terribly uncreative i was.
Nice job with the flash.

Well Done

I found this game engaging. The music and sound gives a great sense of environment and the many clues as to the future of the series (found in the secret rooms) definitely leave me wanting more. I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone, but I would also recommend playing through the earlier games for maximum effect. Here's hoping Submachine 7: The Core is just as good as this.

Watch out

gd game, but watch out Tim Langdell will probably try and sue you's XD