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Reviews for "Submachine 6: the edge"

It's moody and slightly depressing, not goth.


this game is very goth


This series really reminded me of this movie Cube.

Shewt, dawggie!

Everything was great. Yummy. I haven't figured out how to decode the infection map, but the infection logs... Those was clever of you. I probably won't do any research into how those gods tie into the game, because I know you're awesome, but... ^_^

I don't believe I typed in that whole code without error the first time...

Really good

This game got way less respect on NG than it desrved; easily the best SM since, well, number four in my opinion. The usual things that are always good in this series were good again, but this time it really got better as far as the in-game storyline goes. More unanswered questions @_@ I'm really starting to wonder about Mur now......but yeah it really sucked me in!

Puzzle wise, other SMs have been more challenging, but this one still had enough tricky moments to not be boring. I think the introduction of the whole hacking thing was pretty cool as well, it's a nice twist on the puzzles, but they could have been more challenging.

Six games down, and I still don't know wtf th submachine even is XD awesome.