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Reviews for "Submachine 6: the edge"

hidden places

i discovered that you can find hidden places does somebody knows a way to find them i only know one

ps: AWESOME game

This was GREAT!

I've been waitin for ages and didn't expect to see this when I logged in to newgrounds today. I think it was considerably easier than the rest expect for one part dealing with disabling a certain secondary defense system that took me for fucking EVER to figure out.

4's still my favorite but <3. Keep making these. I'll never complain about your point-n-click games, Mateusz, because they're among the greatest. But more items please!

i love it!

more amazing than all of the other ones 7


Super storyline and graphics, soundeffects. If i tell you honest: Submachine games are creepy and i'm a bit scared if i play it. (I'm 20 :D) but anyway: 10/10

totally awesome

This game is great as the other games of "submachine" in fact I love the games point and click, I can not wait to come out submachine 7: the core, even if I have to wait a year, anyway very very awesome job.
7/5-37/10 ha, I found only three secret rooms.