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Reviews for "Submachine 6: the edge"

Sadly I couldn't find the 5th secret location and I honestly don't even wanne try for it, I've spent a bit too much time into deciphering all that binary, didn't do it all, not even gonna bother anymore. That aside could I just say I love this series? I just decided to play it again after some time, and boi did I not remember like 97% of all these rooms let stand the tekst.

Another brilliant chapter in the Submachine series. This is probably my fifth or so play through, and every time, I'm shocked to remember how hideously cruel Murtaugh was in the early days of exploration. This is really good character development and sets him up to be an even more interesting character in later games. Above all, I love the character development and the depth of the story of the Submachine universe(s).

i didnt find any secrets i didnt even notice this game had secrets in till now still a good game awesome art and sound cant wait for number 10

A freaking brilliant game all the way through. I love how there's one way shown to you, then another way presents itself!

My very first submachine episode that I finished without a walkthrough! woooot I friggin love this episode. I literally drew a mini-map of the whole thing. :s T_______T