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Reviews for "Submachine 6: the edge"

FLF etc.

I'm impressed by this series of games. they're solid and entertaining, while telling a story. Okay, it's a mysterious story of old hidden technology and parallell worlds and teleportation. the puzzles are hard, but not impossible, and as such they keep you coming back for more.
The ambiance, the sound design add to the atmposphere of this world you've made, in fact all the sound designs are delicious.
The game interface is simple, which adds to the enjoyment of the various submachine games.
It's like reading a solid science fiction novel in interactive installments, nothing flat out explained, but many hints are strewn across the games.
I can't praise you enough, your work is exceptional.
Thanks for sharing.


yet another brilliant puzzle with an amazing story line.


I've loved the whole series and I can't wait for the core! The ending was pretty surprising!

Amazing flash

The cutsceans were a little bit of just a timewaster but there were still nicly done..I couldnt really reveiw about gamplay because it froze when I tried to read the notes in the scanning room....


Keep making them