Reviews for "Tree Troopers"

Was good but...

Wtf, enemy factory regenerated to full every time I got it to a sliver of hp left. Is that suppose to happen? Because that just really prolongs the game T.T


its fun but it takes to long to load

Very hard xD!

First of all, very nice game. It's very well thought out, designed, and made :). But it's just soooo hard! I spent ten minutes fending off the enemy only for their buildings to just grow all the way to the forest or whatever. xD!
But still, very nice game! 9/10

And as for the reviewer below me that gave a 0, he must be retarded... You don't vote a game 0 because you can't beat it. So, please don't let that get to you!


It reminded me of my days as a planeteer XD
but, I digress, this was pretty damn fun and REALLY original, which I L-O-V-E love from the bottom of my probably almost non-existent heart XD
I'm even mean to mahself lolz
but neway, the only gripes I have about this game is the pause occasinally malfuctions and when you come back half your trees are gone and the other ones are dying, and that on slower computers you sometimes can't get to the nuke in time.
Other than that, fuckin' awesome game.

mofunzone responds:

thanks for AWESOME review!! Please join our newsletter at our site if you want an update on part two! Thanks again for playing!

Fingers Hurt

Great game, but I think it would be better if you had different levels/stages.

Few tips for first timers:
1. Concentrate on one side.
2. ALWAYS upgrade your trees when you get the chance.
3. The cactus helps a whole lot with their range attacks.

mofunzone responds:

You forgot about upgrades that give you mana, too! :)