Reviews for "Tree Troopers"


i c the entusiam so i giv ub a 5

Very impressed.

Okay, so I've been on newgrounds a long time, and it was only until I played this game that I decided to write a review.

This game is not the holy grail of all flash games, but it is incredible. I loved every second of playing this game, and the tutorial is refreshingly playful. Very pleasing graphics and gameplay that if a perfect combination of progressive, cute, and challenge.

That being said. I agree that some of the towers were overshadowed by the attacker and shield towers. I went for all at first but tossed everything but those two and mana for efficiency.

With that minor "drawback" out of the way. I will excitedly await a sequel.

Again, Wonderful.

mofunzone responds:

Thanks so much Kirinn. I'm honored that you chose our game to review first in a long. Please shoot an email or PM my way if you ever want an update on the game.



Like many others said: The AI had too much of an advantage. I tried putting all my guys on one side and it didn't seem to make a difference. I filled up all my building spaces and the nukes just kept coming. Other than that, all you did was randomly click everywhere on the screen because of tons of red bullets.

I'm sure the maker of this game won't even see this since it's a website posting.

mofunzone responds:

Actually we all read these reviews, and value them. You'll see many improvements in future sequels of this game. This game can be defeated, don't give up too easily :)


I lost the first time I played, but then I got the hang of it and won. DON'T GIVE A BAD REVIEW IF YOU DON'T WIN. Some tips: Growth is free, always make sure that your trees are growing. Health recovery for the trees is vital about mid-way through and giving your units the ability to shoot is critical.

As for a review, the game doesn't have much replay value. I think there should be a command that lets you cancel upgrading/building. The turrets are useless, i think.

Also, the enemy base's health shouldn't refill when he upgrades to nukes, It makes the high score system largely pointless.
Fun game, but has its flaws. 8/10

mofunzone responds:

Thanks for playing :) I'll definitely consider your points when we're making the bigger sequel!


i hate the retards who suck at video games
and since they can't beat it
they score a 0 or 1.
it's easy to see alot of time and effort was put into it.
and for the record.
press the space bar for the upgrades
instead of clicking on build
or whatever.
it's a fast pace game and it helps alot.

i think mabey a 2nd version should come out.
mabey with more difficulty modes
and more building options