Reviews for "Tree Troopers"

needs work

You've got an ok game here. Good idea just its too hard. Also you need to check your grammar. I'm almost positive that inactivate is not a word, its deactivate. But yea, you need to make the enemies come slower and towers build faster also


This game was very hard. If you make a #2 make it so the enemies don't come as fast and the towers build faster so you can live. 6/10

Not really my thing...

This isn't an RTS... it's whack-a-mole.

I hate whack-a-mole.


okay nice game cool idea!

1. problem (or it isent a real problem) the clicking 2 defend:S kinda hars for a agme that lasts so long.
2. the low use of mana:D you dosent realy need the bloom trees...
3.you only need the skild tree and the ataacker tree then you ower welm them 2 easy^^

Simply Incredible

This is one of those game that, despite its simplicity, is quite magical. The music is incredibly ambient and truly sets a glorious mood for the play of the game. The sound never gets annoying and only reinforces the wonder that is this game. The graphics are clean and, while not the greatest visuals possible, fit the theme perfectly. Its very nice how, despite a huge amount of screen activity, the game seems to incur zero lag.

The gameplay could use a little cleaning up though. The only towers that appear to be useful are the Mana Restoration Bushes, Pumpkin Trees, and Cacti Plants. Anytime I tried to play the game using all the available towers, I would lose horribly. The best strategy I found was to start with two mana bushes, add in two pumpkin producing plants, then all the rest cacti and the enemy would be destroyed.

Some recommendation how this could be improved if this is something you plan on sequelizing (I made up that word); maybe make a tower that deflects enemy bullet (it honestly does get a little overwhelming deflecting all the bullets, my wrist started to hurt a few minutes in). The healing towers appeared 100% useless, troops don't die enough, especially when upgraded, on top of that, the sheer number that are produced overwhelm a need to heal them. Perhaps the healing towers could heal the buildings instead? Those were harder to keep alive than anything towards the end of the game. The archer towers appear useless to me once the cacti are upgraded and do their super shooting on their own.

These are only a few recommendation that I offer you to make this spectacular and beautiful game closer to perfection. I really like this and hope you continue to make more in the future! You have talent!