Reviews for "Tree Troopers"

i like it

it deffenitly was great and desevs a 10... even if i cant spell. one quick questen, can you beat it, or is it a forever game?


It really sends a message about the environment, and all and all, it's a great game. Like the person below me said, it wasn't laggy when there was a lot of things on the screen, but I found it weird that it red screened when you click off screen. The music was a long loop, but it never got boring. It kept me going for an hour and a half maybe i'm exagerating, until I beat the game. But now my mom's pissed. Great game. 10/10 5/5.

Wow that rocked!

That was a really callenging game man keep it up!


really really great game
great towers, troops, and it wasnt even laggy when there was a lot going on on the screen and it was really good... hard at first when your trying to get the hang of building towers, clicking on the tanks in the middle and doing upgrades but after you get the hang of it, its a relaly really fun game... haha when i beat it it was like
Fin. thanks for playing
after all that clicking, saivng a forest and fighting mankind thats all i get? hahaha anyways it was relaly a great game and keep up da good work cuz its a really really good game. =) thanks for making it =)


the first time i tried was an epic fail.
second time, DESTROYED!

hah great game.