Reviews for "Tree Troopers"

Quite fun.

I liked it, it was a bit hard to understand at first but when you got into it it got quite fun :)


The game was alright, but the addition of the peace thingy was stupid and the rate at which the enemy built up buildings was very overwhelming, the idea to choose the ratio to each side was nice and the units you spawn are cool and funny. All in all it was ok but the constant clicking left my wrist screaming for mercy and the clusterf***ing of enemy building and lasers/red dot things. the LAST thing i usually want to be doing in a TD or strategy game is constantly clicking


This game came out about a year ago why is it first page?

Im just the opposite of the last reviewer

I enjoyed the flood of both information and stuff that you had to do. It was a nice change of pace, from the conventional TD's that have a gradual increase in intensity.

I kinda dug the "whack a mole" feel of clicking on the turrets that popped up.

Pretty easy game, nice graphics, game play is solid. Replay value isn't that great though. Otherwise a decent way to spend a few minutes.

Im sorry dude, but....

this just wasn't a very good game. It had great music, & smooth graphic interface, but the furious & unfair gameplay & clicking was just overwhelming. Also, what was with the buildings you build & then they stop producing units when you need all the units you can because the enemy can build right up to the left and right of you & you only get ten spots to build yours? Totally unfair! You may need to re-design this one.