Reviews for "Tree Troopers"


you get one star for pretty graphics, but that's really all this game deserves...a disgrace to RTSs...
maybe if you actually made a training level rather than making the first 6 chapters a bunch of info that doesn't make any sense until you've actually seen the game play.
please try again...

i lost first time

i lost first time, fully expecting this to be easy, but it wasn't, after i revied my strategy i realised that i didn't have enough mana, i built two mana shrubs and it was a walkover. simple, so it needs more than just the one way to win, i mean i almost got bored clicking to kill the tanks it would be nice if you had to click the tanks and they had health so i had upgrades for my weapon which i like, such as wider range, more power, different styles, you get the gist.

Room for Improvement!

I liked the premise, but I think that it could be improved by making it slightly easier, and making it a little less like a whack-a-mole game. I don't think the units played enough of a significant role for my tastes. My other points were made by the review below my review. Good graphics, good animation. 7/10

i'm confused

wait a sec.. when you're going through the tutorial.. there's no back button? i'm confused.. seriously? you didn't put one? or am i not seeing it.

like.. say you have that problem where your mouse double clicks when you single click occasionally.. (very annoying and very common problem)

or say you just accidentally clicked too fast or wanted to go back to read something again w/e

i mean seriouslY? no back button? like.. am i misinterpreting the interface? no back button at all? seriously? none?

i'm forced to refresh the entire applet.. cuz of one click? seriously?

too hard!

the spots in the middle of the field, where enemies respawn is too near by the base ... in some cases you don't even have a chance to stop their bullets.
and they evolve too fast

i made it to build 1 cactus and one archer trooper and then i was doomed by those nukes!