Reviews for "Tree Troopers"


Never have I felt so badass being a tree summoning my plant life minions to do my bidding. Well done.

i didnt play it

because the mandatory instructions dictionary pissed me off
if you dont start the game with gameplay it makes it seem boring
pocru is stupid

Nice, but

This is a nice game, the concept is good and the graphics are great, but a couple of things:

1. Only being able to build 10 buildings gets pretty frustrating pretty fast. It means that once you've finished upgrading the ten, you've got nothing to do but click, and that gets repetitive quickly

2. It takes too long to kill the main building. There was only the main factory left, and after waiting about 10 minutes and only halving it's HP, I got bored of waiting and stopped playing.

The game overall is nice, which is why it gets a good score, and it did keep me playing for a good half hour, which is more than a lot of games here do, but it could still use some work on the game play. Thanks!

Really into it.

I got really into it and enjoyed it until I noticed the enemy full heals himself, once the enemy factory's HP went back to full I X'ed it out.

Basically Im saying that if you are faster and smarter than the enemy than it should die. If you insist on having the enemy heal itself then give a difficulty option.

Hey, man... dont be hating!

I dont understand people... why give a game a bad score just because you personally dont like it? This game is a fine game, and its easy to understand when you start playing (the instructions are deceptively complicated). If you dont like the game for PERSONAL reasons, just dont vote. If its something to do with gameplay or something, then you can vote low... but if your just shooting it down because the maker of the game doesn't tailor the game for your every whim then dont vote. Its called "Respect". Try it. Its fun.

...I love the game, btw.