Reviews for "Tree Troopers"


Great Game :D The Guy under me is Stupid

mofunzone responds:

Thanks for playing! and for the amazing rating!

Hate it

Definitively not my type of game, to hell with this

mofunzone responds:

that's fine, thanks for playing anyway

oh wow.

This was terrible. the graphics were nice but its way to confusing and complicated.

More complicated than it needs to be.

Almost all of the trees and units are useless.
1. Build a mana shrub and then immediately upgrade your earth tree with Mana Renewer.
2. When mana shrub is finished build a shielder tree(but only because you have to in order to build attacker trees).
3. When the shielder tree is done build a attacker tree and immediately start upgrading it and keep building more.
4. After building 4 or 5 attacker trees build one more mana shrub. Don't forget to keep upgrading your attacker trees.
5. Keep building attacker trees until all your slots are full.
6. Just defend. You'll get down to the enemy base once you have seven or so attacker trees, but the base regens all of it's life whenever it upgrades so you really can't beat it until it's fully upgraded(i.e starts shooting nukes at you)

Pretty cool

At first I was really, like, REALLY frustrated that this game was so hard, but as I played it a couple of times, one gets to understand the mechanics of the game; and soon, it becomes a really fun match of push and pull. But to beat it, I basically had to have 2 mana trees, and the rest were cactuses (catci?). But overall the balance work was good, but I found the pumpkins completely useless. Unless they were cannon fodder, but even still it was easier to let the cactuses just brunt it out.